Principles of BIBUS

  1. We want to be among the leading solution providers for European industry.
  2. Our core businesses are pneumatics, hydraulics, mechatronics, environmental technology and e-manufacturing.
  3. Our core competences are engineering, logistics and service.
  4. The motto “Supporting your success” describes our target of supporting our customers with high competence, availability, service beyond average and flexibility on their way to market success.
  5. We want to be present all over Europe with uniform branding.
  6. Our main target group are OEM customers, our geographic array is Europe, our products are systems and components.
  7. We cultivate loyal, correct and fair partnerships with customers, suppliers and employees.
  8. We offer a creative and team-oriented environment to competent staff.
  9. The group strategy is managed by the headquarters, the adaptation of local strategy is carried out in collaboration with the partners. The implementation is done with great autonomy and freedom of action for the local companies.
  10. We want to grow above the sectors average and realize an adequate rate of return in order to preserve our solid financial foundation.