Secoh - SLL

SECOH blowers and vacuum pumps are ideal for applications where minimal energy consumption, absolutely oil-free air quality, virtually insufficient operation and reduced and easy maintenance are the prerequisites, at least a big advantage.


Principle of functioning
The power supply of the electromagnets drives a permanent magnet in an oscillatory motion. The latter Moves at the same frequency as the supply voltage, 50 or 60 Hz. This reciprocating movement between the Magnets actuates a diaphragm, changing the volume of the cavity containing the valves. By pressing back through the valves, one can obtain either pressure or vacuum.


Long life expectancy
Motor and pump parts are combined in one single construction. The compact and light construction form and the simple mechanism guarantee a long and reliable period of operation.

High degree of efficiency
The principle of electromagnetic oscillation, which practically has no mechanical friction, minimises power consumption and provides a high degree of efficiency.

Low noise level
The soundproof casing and the muffler integrated in the tank base reduce operating noise.

Low vibration
Motor and pump parts are separated by a vibration-isolating rubber, so only low vibration consists.

Completely oil-free
The oil-free operation guarantees a dry and unadulterated air flow.

Limited pulsations
Thanks to the pump chamber and the labyrinth shock absorber specially integrated in the base.

Universal service kits
For each model series service kits are available. They are vacuum-packed in aluminium foil for better and longer life/ storage.

Weather protection IP 44
Product Features
SLL-20, 30, 40 and 50
Compact design
Overload protection
High quality plastic housing
Connection Tube Included
• Ventilation of ponds and ponds
• Filtration systems
• Aeration of biological baths and chemical
Diffuser and extraction of fumes
Tank Pressurization
Air beds and anti-decubitus mattresses
Massage baths and jacuzzi
Compression therapy
Inhaler and nebulizer



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Internal Technical support

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