Compact pneumatic cylinders CKD

CKD's compact pneumatic cylinders will allow you to generate mechanical movement by transforming the energy of the air. These actuators are designed for a variety of applications in industrial environments, such as industrial machinery and equipment, or automation equipment and solutions.

Discover our wide range of compact pneumatic cylinders below.


Flat and compact cylinder FC series

The compact pneumatic cylinder FC series is a rectangular flat cylinder with an axial dimension reduced by 50%. As a result, this rectangular cylinder can be easily installed in narrow spaces and provides a wide choice of position sensors for cylinders. In addition, the internal oval piston allows an anti-rotation function. As it is a flat cylinder, the deflection function is pre-installed.


  • Small size and rectangular shape
  • Female or male thread can be selected
  • Bore size 25 to 63

For more information on the FC series, download the document on the right side.

Compact cylinder series MDC2 with direct mounting

The compact pneumatic cylinder series MDC2 is a small, directly mounted cylinder. Indeed, this small actuator has a direct mounting thanks to its square shape. Its overall length and external dimensions have also been reduced to keep the space requirement to a minimum. In addition, the fixing of this cylinder allows the direction of the force to be oriented in 4 directions, which makes it ideal for applications such as part ejection or closing a feed chute.


  • Rod side with shoulder for easy centering
  • Possibility to choose between double acting and single acting depending on the use
  • Possibility of mounting a soft blade contact/miniature proximity sensor
  • Bore size 4 to 10

For more information on the MDC2 series, download the document on the right side.

Compact cylinder series MSD/MSDG

The compact pneumatic cylinder series MSD/MSDG is a small pneumatic cylinder with a short axial length that limits the space requirement. This actuator also features a copper bearing with oil retention on the stem for better wear resistance. A high-precision guide is installed on the MSD series with a short axial length.  
As a result, precision and rigidity are achieved in an extremely small volume. The position of the supply ports can be chosen on the 2 lateral faces of the body or on the underside of it.
In addition, the square body allows direct mounting on 3 cylinder faces: through bolts or installation from top or bottom faces possible. And with the supply ports at the rear, lateral mounting is optimized.


  • Long life design (four times longer - CKD comparison)
  • Two possible pipe directions: body and bottom side
  • Can be directly mounted in 3 ways
  • Small axial dimensions and guided version
  • Oil-impregnated copper rod bearing significantly improves abrasion resistance
  • Various optional port positions
  • 3 direct mounting faces
  • Meets the need for high precision and rigidity, even in tight spaces
  • Bore size 6 to 16

For more information on the MSD/MSDG series, download the document on the right side.

Compact cylinder SMG series

The compact pneumatic cylinder SMG series is a small, lightweight, space-saving and simple actuator for easy assembly.


  • Integrated mounting block for reduced space and lightness (weight reduced by 33% and space reduced by 23%)
  • Can be mounted directly and freely on all 5 sides in standard version
  • Improved maintenance thanks to the new assembly method
  • Detection switch that fits into the body with almost no protrusion
  • Bore size 6 to 32

For more information on the SMG series, download the document on the right side.


Compact cylinder series SSD2

The compact pneumatic cylinder series SSD2 is a pneumatic cylinder whose electrical sensors can be mounted on the same side as the supply ports, improving visibility and maintenance (20 to 200). In addition, the reduced pitch of the available strokes allows you to select the optimum model for your system design and the rod end can be selected with a thread (standard) or a thread (option); the shape of the end can be made according to your needs depending on the quantity (please contact us for more details).
Damping buffers in the same space (optional). This version is suitable when the metallic limit switch noise is annoying in an application. The cylinder dimensions are the same when the pad is used.


  • Mounting on all 4 sides
  • Numerous stroke settings for optimal model selection
  • Optional rubber shock absorber in the same dimensions
  • Wide choice of position detectors for cylinders
  • 15 types of internal diameters (bore size): 12 to 200
  • Improved versatility with new configurations and diameters from 125 to 200
  • Sensor grooves on all 4 sides: Cylinder switch grooves provided on four surfaces
  • Wide range of strokes
  • Different rod thread options
  • Rod ends can be chosen from two options: internal thread (standard) and external thread (option)

T-type sensor can be used for all sizes
The T-type sensor, used for many CKD products, can be installed on all sizes of these compact cylinders. This reduces and optimizes the stock of spare parts.

Multi-purpose fixing
Through holes or threads are available as standard. Both can be used depending on the application. A range of mounting accessories is also available with flanges, brackets and oscillating mounts.

RoHS compliant
All substances harmful to the environment and humans, such as lead and hexavalent chromium, have been eliminated.

Space-saving series with a wide range of stroke lengths and switch mounting surface options compared to conventional models.
A wide range of space-saving cylinders, suitable for all environments, from the general environment to specific applications.

For more information on the SSD2 series, download the document on the right side.



Compact guided cylinder SSG series

The SSG guided compact pneumatic cylinder is part of the SSD series of compact cylinders, equipped with a rod and guide plate for tools and to improve lateral load resistance and angular rotation tolerance. This actuator eliminates time-consuming design and assembly by allowing a load to be installed directly at the end of the rod.


  • Easy to use tray
  • Grooves for cylinder position detector on all 4 sides
  • Switch can be installed on the same side as the pipe opening
  • 10 types of internal diameters (bore size): 12 to 100
  • Multi-purpose plate
  • Compatible mounting

For more information on the SSG series, download the document on the right side.

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