Side Channel Blowers

Side channel (or annular) blowers are used for applications requiring high air flow rates in suction or pressure. They can be used either as compressors or vacuum and are designed for continuous operation.
Its all-aluminium die-cast structure guarantees maximum strength and flexibility of use. No lubrication is necessary since there is no contact between static and rotating parts, NSK bearings are permanently pre-lubricated. Dedicated silencers ensure low noise levels.

They can be equipped with frequency converters, their arrangement can be horizontal or vertical and they can also be equipped with single-phase or three-phase, multi-voltage and multi-frequency motors.  
An ATEX 3GD and 2G model is also available on request.



  • Packaging machines
  • Filling stations
  • Chemical and medical transformation technologies
  • Oven drying
  • Dust and liquids
  • Gripping small objects


  • Swimming pools and Jacuzzis
  • Ponds and aquariums
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Fluidification systems


  • Electronic components
  • Plastic profiles


  • Printing machines
  • Paper cutting equipment
  • Fabric cutting

Compressed air

  • Compression of gases and vapours
  • Conveying powders and granules


Internal Technical support

Cédric Sauret
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Sales support

Mélanie Jacquemin
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Environment & Industrial Process Product Manager

Vincent Cottel
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