Lease your collaborative robot

Let us facilitate your automation project

  • You don't know how to quickly implement your automation project?
  • You have neither the time nor the desire to approach your bank for this type of investment?

BIBUS France facilitates automation projects for all types of companies by helping you to define your robotics needs and to put together your application for financing.
Many advantages for VSEs, SMEs and ETIs:

  • Optimisation of the production area
  •  Increase in productivity
  •  Reduction of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders)

Indeed, the integration of cobots into your production chain allows you to increase your process in an agile, flexible and scalable way while improving product quality and boosting the growth of your company.

A "turnkey" solution

It only takes a few days to make a collaborative robot functional.
Our "turnkey" solution integrates :

  • The definition of your automation project
  • Submitting your financing application to our partner financing company
  • On-site integration of your cobot
  • Training of your teams and equipment maintenance

So you can enjoy the benefits of automation provided by collaborative robots whenever you want.


Financing and express activation

No initial investment is required and no impact on your balance sheet. The financial and operational flexibility provided by our rental offer allows you to immediately integrate a cobot by self-financing the cost of the rental.

As a result, you don't have to worry about cash flow or other seasonal factors related to your business.

Project study

Submission of your file to our financial partner

Response to your file within 48 hours

Final validation of your project

Delivery, training and installation

Get your cobot in 1 week

Tailor-made service

Our robotic engineer Abdelkader will study the feasibility of your project according to your needs and objectives.
Once this has been determined, a free on-site demonstration is carried out by him, in order to show you the capacity and simplicity of use of the cobot in real life.

Thanks to the rapidity and ease of their integration, the cobots we offer are particularly designed for small and medium sized companies wishing to start automating.



Need more information?

Through our white paper "How to succeed in your first project in collaborative robotics", discover which needs and applications are met by setting up an automation project.

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