Quality control for packagings




Texts Inspection

GlobalVision allows you to compare two documents to check the accuracy of text, illustrations, documents and create packagings. GlobalVision ensures that there are no unintended changes when your text is printed.

  • Check the entire text
  • Inspecting texts in different languages
  • Compare different file formats
  • Find the differences


Graphics Inspection

    Compare previous artwork files to revised artwork files to detect any differences. Make sure all requested customer changes have been made to the graphics file and no unintended errors have been introduced.

    • Maintain graphics integrity and accuracy
    • Verify the entire artwork
    • Confirm your supplier's proofs
    • Accelerate artwork approvals


    Print Inspection

    The scanners make sure that your packagings, labels, cartons, and press sheets contain no errors : make sure the print accuracy, protect your process, avoid poor print quality.

    • Roll scanner
    • Flatbed scanner
    • Non-Contact scanner
    • Cylindrical scanner
    • Booklet scanner


    Barcodes Inspection

    Inspect all barcodes at a time to ensure their quality and compliance with industry standards.

    • No verification required
    • Be sure you have the right bar code
    • Check the barcode features


    Braille Inspection

    GlobalVision Braille Inspection detects Braille, translates it to a chosen language, and dispalys any differences in content compared to an approved pdf.

    • Digitally verify Braille
    • Detect missing or added dots
    • Achieve international Braille requirements


    Spelling Inspection

    Perform complete spellchecks of all copy directly in your artwork files including PDF, Adobe Illustrator, Word, and webpages.

    • Spellcheck foreign languages
    • Medical Dictionaries
    • Build custom dictionaries


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