Puller-Pusher EasyTroll

Easy Troll push-pullers are light, compact, innovative and economical electric tractors that allow you to easily tow and move all types of rolling loads.

These electric tractors are made up of one or more electrics wheels depending on the model, a tiller head and a platform allowing you to place the container on it (or a clamp for the Pinchy Push-Pullers).

These ergonomic transport systems make it possible to handle heavy loads while increasing user safety and efficiency by a factor of 3 or 4.

Indeed, these devices greatly reduce the risk of injury to operators (reduction of MSD risks).


  • Easy to use
  • Easy handling and space-saving design
  • Transport of rolling loads up to 1 tonne
  • Reduced difficulty of work (= end of muscular effort for the user)
  • Adaptable and interchangeable hanging system



The different models of push-pullers

Depending on your use, several models and versions of electric tractors are available.

The standard Easytroll

  • Transport of rolling loads up to 1 tonne
  • Increased manoeuvrability
  • Compactness
  • Reduction of drudgery at work
  • Adaptable and interchangeable hanging system

Technical characteristics

  • Rechargeable on mains power
  • Autonomy up to 15km
  • Pulling capacity: up to 1000kg
  • Speed from 1 to 6 km/h
  • Soft start
  • Dimensions: H120 x W60 x D65
  • Weight: 60kg




Developed on the basis of a standard easytroll, the tirly is equipped with a system designed to transport hospital beds.



Designed on the basis of a standard easytroll, the pinchy is equipped with a gripper system for roll trolleys, making them easier to transport.


Bully Easytroll

Just the same as the other models, the Bully is designed on the basis of a standard easytroll, with the difference that this electric tractor can tow up to 2 tonnes. It is also equipped with an interchangeable attachment system allowing it to adapt to different situations (trolleys, roll's, containers, cupboards, etc.).

Technical characteristics

  • Autonomy 15 km
  • Speed from 3 to 6km/h
  • Gradual start
  • Overall dimensions: H120 x W60 x D65
  • Weight: 100kg
  • Batteries guaranteed maintenance-free for 5 years
  • Parameterisable in speed and power
  • Charged directly from a single mains socket at night in 3 hours


The different versions

You have the possibility to adapt the push-pull to your use and/or working environment :

  • Industrial tyres (industrial flooring, asphalt, resin...)
  • Non-marking medical bandage (hospital floor, tiles, carpets... )
  • Stainless steel model available on request

We adapt the pusher-puller for the medical or food-processing fields.


The different applications

Easytroll push-pullers are also used for applications in the medical sector:

  • Moving hospital beds
  • Hospital equipment

Applications in the food industry or in industrial environments.

Isothermal containers application
Bed Mover application
Easy troll with clamp system : The Pinchy



Internal Technical support

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Tel. +33 4 78 96 80 04