CKD check valves

Miniature small non-return valve with push-in connector CHL series


  • 6 and 4 mm connection for compact piping and easy handling
  • Flame resistant resin
  • Small size, space-saving, in-line type
  • Flame retardant resin
  • Compact and space-saving pipe type for vacuum retention and low pressure operation

Check valve series CHV2


  • Elegant shape
  • Ecological - easy sorting of materials for recycling
  • Many models with orifice diameter Rc 1/8 to Rc 11/2
  • Compact and lightweight thanks to a 34% volume reduction and 25% weight reduction (CKD comparison)
  • Models with fluorinated rubber and without oil available as an option
  • Mounting plate available for models with small diameter holes

Blocking Valve FPV series


  • Compact valve ideal for position locking and intermediate stop of the cylinder
  • Compact and lightweight thanks to a 34% reduction in volume and a 25% reduction in weight (CKD comparison)
  • Possibility of mounting directly on the cylinder for models with orifice size M5 to R1/2
  • White body adapted to the device
  • Speed regulator type model available (on request)
  • Model with manual button to eliminate the available residual pressure (on request)

Quick Exhaust Valve QEV2 series

The exceptional exhaust characteristics are obtained thanks to a design allowing very high flow rate.


  • Many options available
  • Optional FKM seals
  • Mounting bracket available (small bore)
  • Ecological product (lead-free and hexavalent chromium-free)
  • Easily recyclable materials
  • Without paint
  • Large size models with orifice diameter Rc1/8 to 1
  • Large actual passage section
  • Mounting bracket available (small diameter hole)

Circuit selector switch SHV2 series


  • Orifices: Rc1/8 to Rc1
  • Various options available
  • Optional FKM seals
  • Mounting bracket available
  • Easily recyclable materials
  • Environmentally friendly (lead-free and hexavalent chromium-free)
  • Without paint
  • Low set pressure
  • Large actual passage section
  • Free mounting direction
  • Mounting bracket available (small diameter hole)
  • clapet anti-retour CHL ckd image
  • clapet anti-retour CHV2 ckd image
  • Vanne de sectionnement FPV ckd image
  • soupape d'échappement ckd image


Internal Technical support

Laurent Grimonet
Tel. +33 4 78 96 80 02