CKD flow limiters and speed controllers

Flow control valve with adjustment vernier DVL series

The DVL series flow limiters with adjusting screws have a vernier with scale allowing operators to adjust the flow easily. A button locks the setting. They also have the characteristic of having a linear flow of the adapted rotary needle valve.
The rotational speed is displayed digitally on a dial, so that anyone can easily and safely control the speed and adjust the different cylinder flows.
This flow limiter is ideal for filling or inspection applications.


  • Linear flow rates
  • Visible flow control
  • Can be used as a speed regulator
  • Model without oil available
  • Installation without restriction
  • Needle valve with adjustment dial
  • Adjustment of the purge gas flow rate of the ionizer
  • Adjustment of the vacuum break rate in vacuum pick-up processes
  • Cylinder drive
  • Air knife
  • Transfer of LCD substrates (contactless)
  • Prevent adjustment errors
  • Compliant with RoHS directive

Use as a speed regulator

The standard type is equipped with an integrated non-return valve and can be used as a speed control valve or as a vacuum shut-off valve for pneumatic cylinders.

Specifications prohibited by the oil available

These specifications allow use in oil-sensitive environments, clean rooms and vacuum applications.

Unrestricted installation

The installation section rotates 306°, allowing free choice of mounting and installation from the base, side or panel. No mounting bracket is required.


Speed controller with DSC series adjustment dial

The DSC series speed controllers are speed controllers with control dial that control the flow rate and quantify the cylinder speed. These regulators are equipped with a rotating needle that allows a linear flow and a push-button lock to fix the needle. In addition, it is possible to visually recognize the indication of the front and rear dial so that anyone can easily make adjustments.

These controllers are ideal for filling applications and have the particularity of reducing the working time of the workforce.


  • Integrated locking system
  • Avoids the risk of incorrect settings
  • Unrestricted mounting and easy adjustment
  • Flow rate proportional to the number of needle turns
  • Stylish speed control

SCL2/SCD2 Series In-Line Speed Controller

The SCL2 and SCD2 series speed controllers are in-line speed controllers ideal for remote or central control. These models have air supply and exhaust flow control available to prevent the risk of unintentional movements due to excessive flow and stabilize the speed.
The SCL2 series is an in-line variable speed drive useful for remote or centralized actuator control while the SCD2 series is an integrated counter input/output speed controller that controls both the air inlet and outlet.


  • 360° rotating mounting hole for flexible mounting without mounting bracket
  • High flow rate
  • Very low speed model with optional speed control available
  • Highly ozone resistant sealing material in the standard version
  • Bore dimensions from 1.8 to 12 mm
  • In-line mounting with push-in fittings, rotatable 360°, single or double adjustment
  • Simple speed control for low and high speed areas as well as for small bore cylinders
  • limiteur de débit dvl ckd image
  • régulateur de vitesse scl2/scd2 ckd image
  • régulateur de vitesse avec cadran de réglagle DSC ckd image


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