Democratize the automation of logistics flows and the entire supply chain

The whole logic of the warehouse has changed: it is no longer a storage building, but a place where flows are produced.

Delivering a good product, at the right quality level,

as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost.

The supply chain, through automation and the ability to act in real time, is a strategic competitive differentiation element for companies

Whatever your sector of activity, you are impacted by this increasing automation: palletization, packaging, packing, labelling, information systems and data sharing, homogenization of logistics units, etc...

By 2025, 90 % of companies expect to optimize team collaboration, real-time data sharing, process automation and data analysis in the supply chain.

But automation also raises the question of cohabitation with people and their ability to adapt in an environment where flexibility is a key to success.


Automation suffers from social barriers and organizational obstacles,

what are your main challenges?

Automate fixed equipment, mobile equipment, mobile technology

Increasing productivity

Optimize storage volumes

Reduce high bursting stress and palletising of heterogeneous packages

Reduce the number of errors and the need for quality control

Improve customer returns management

Upgrading the skills of your operators

Bringing more flexibility to all or part of the supply chain

Gain in preparation costs and margins

In a logic of continuous improvement, we help you to optimize the management of your production flows according to your operating conditions.

We know how to adapt to the field and the size of our clients' businesses