Reliable machine behaviour

Dimensioning for each movement

Reduction of maintenance time and cost

Compact and easy to install

No maintenance


Profile Dampers


Up to 66% of the kinetic energy absorbed

Resistance against chemicals, UV, ozone

"Cost-effective" solution


Miniature or industrial ACE shock absorbers


100% of the total energy absorbed

Increasing speeds: reducing deceleration times

Accuracy of stop position: no bounce


Feed controls or Rotary dampers


Limits the risk of falling /
of accidents by controlling the movement

Speed control

Wide range (stroke, angle of rotation)

Energy-free operation

Compact and easy to install

No maintenance

Improvement of perceived quality


RINGFEDER coupling


Robust, reliable and dimensioned for your application

Wide range of solutions and mechanical adaptation

100% of components tested before delivery


ACEolator (vibration reduction)


For precision inspection and assembly

Vibration isolation / reduction

Spacing of machine shifts


Machine efficiency - solutions