Our vision

The BIBUS AG Group wants to be among the leading European and Asian solution providers for components and systems in its core business technology.

Our employees follow the motto "supporting your success" in the core competences logistics, engineering and service.

BIBUS is well known amongst European and Asian industry.

Responsible posture

We respond to our clients' challenges as if they were our own with loyalty, rigour and high quality standards.

We have a long-term commitment to a sound and stable financial base, which is a guarantee of our independence and credibility.

We make the best decisions in the interests of all our stakeholders: our clients, employees and partners.

We encourage practices that preserve and protect the environment :

  • Continuously improve the performance of products in order to reduce their volume and weight, thus reducing the amount of raw materials used and the energy required to produce and transport them.
  • Most of the materials used can be recycled and directives such as RoHS or REACH have been anticipated by preventive elimination of potentially hazardous substances.

Collaborative intelligence

Thanks to our consulting skills and solid industrial expertise, we can provide you with high-performance solutions to make the most of your expensive production resources, improve their efficiency, reduce risks and increase your profitability.

As your partner, our role is not only to respond effectively to your requests but also to support you in preserving your competitiveness by anticipating your challenges : increasingly tight deadlines, ever more complex products, growing pressure on prices and a shortage of skilled labour.

Whatever our respective and common ambitions, we intend to work together in humility and with sympathy. Working seriously together with respect and pleasure is the tangible basis of all our business relationships.

A dynamic of innovation

We are recognized for our ability to co-construct, to go beyond the framework by democratizing access to innovation and by supporting our customers' local production.

Our knowledge of complex architectures and the perfect technological mastery of the products in our supplier panel allows us to propose avant-garde solutions to increase both your competitiveness and your level of customer service.

We benefit from the dynamism and synergy of the Swiss BIBUS AG group. This translates into a pioneering spirit to anticipate perpetual changes, and rational costs thanks to negotiated partnership volumes.

A controlled ambition

Generations succeed one another, but our experience and skills endure. We look to the future with great confidence and contagious enthusiasm.

We aim to be one of the European leaders in our core business, under a single brand, guaranteeing state-of-the-art products and services for our customers.

We are changing the working environment of our teams so that it stimulates more ideas, creativity and initiative.