Cooling unit / Coolers AK Series

DAIKIN's AK series cooling units, the market leader in air conditioning, will allow you to save up to 45% on energy consumption.

Save energy with INVERTER Technology

DAIKIN has integrated "Inverter" technology into its coolers for hydraulic and coolant fluids. This technology allows a radical energy saving while reducing the engine rotation speed under pressure maintenance conditions. In addition to Inverter technology, these cooling units are also equipped with IPM motors to improve the characteristics of industrial machines.


  • High-precision temperature control
    Now includes a control at ± ;1°C with loads from 0% (without loads) to 100%.
  • Inverter technology
    This technology allows energy savings of up to 45% compared to a conventional cooling unit and without inverter
  • Compact and durable
    Control box equivalent to IP54 and electrical components resistant to sulfidation
  • Different operating modes
    9 operating mode models are available
  • IPM motors
    A synchronous motor with an internal permanent magnet and complying with IE4 standard. It also allows a drastic energy saving by reducing the motor's rotational speed
  • Low noise level for a better working environment


DAIKIN chillers will save you energy and space in applications such as:

  • Machining centre
  • NC lathes
  • Grinding machine
  • NC specialized machines
  • NC electric discharge machines
  • Molding machine
  • Press

And many more.


Type Circulation

AKZ series for oil

  • High precision with inverter compressor and electronic expansion valve
  • Monitoring of the operating status using the Hybrid-Win tool
  • Oil cooling unit (integrated circulation pump)
  • Closed type cooler
  • New R410A refrigerant

AKW series for water

  • Extension of the cooling capacity control range
  • Environmentally friendly unit
  • Improved very accurate temperature control

AKC Series for Coolant

  • Integrated circuit cooling unit for cooling liquid   
  • Inverter compressor

Type Immersion

AKJ series for oil and coolant

  • Cooler placed on the coolant tank and which cools the fluid inside the tank directly with a cooling coil
  • Open type stainless steel cooler
  • Inverter compressor and electronic expansion valve
  • Daikin cooling units


Internal Technical support

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