Reduce energy consumption

Flow limiter and Speed controler DVL/DSC


Flow limitation of compressed air, Argon, CO2 or Nitrogen

Prevents setting errors

RoHS compliant


Small size flow controller FCM series


Includes an FSM flowmeter and a compact solenoid valve

High performance

RoHs compliant


Digital flow sensors


Precise gas flow measurement

Compatible with Air, Argon, CO2, Nitrogen

Tool for leakage measurement (container, tank...)

Bi-directional measurement


High speed valves


Sorting by blowing: reduction of compressed air consumption


Sorting Manifolds

Short and constant opening/closing time
Flow modulation by frequency control


Miniature or industrial ACE shock absorbers


Reduction in the size of pneumatic actuators for the same effort and reduction in cycle times

Reduction in weight/size = reduction in structure = + lightweight

Reduction of compressed air consumption

Return on investment in a few days in most cases


Electric pallet stop


Simplicity of control from a PLC

Noise level reduction

Energy consumption divided by 3

Electrical efficiency = 80% vs pneumatic efficiency = 6%


Daikin Hydraulic power plant

High-precision control by inverter technology

Improved machine characteristics

For machine tools, lathes, presses, moulding, injection moulding

Reduction of heat generation

Up to 60% of electrical energy saved

IE4 high efficiency motor


Daikin Coolers unit

High-precision control by inverter technology

Improved machine characteristics

High precision temperature control +/-0.1°c

For hydraulic fluid and coolant

Up to 45% of electrical energy saved


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