MSD syndrome: 1st place in terms of occupational disease

Noise, repetitive work, carrying heavy loads, awkward postures, poor handling, mechanical vibrations, extreme temperatures cause MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders).

9 out of 10 occupational diseases are MSDs

and industry is at the forefront of the epidemic,

with increasing rates.

+ more than 41% in 10 years

The sectors mainly concerned: the food industry, the automobile industry and metallurgy, building and public works, mass distribution and personal assistance and care.

Negative social impact on image and proximity management

+ more than 10 million days of work stoppage every year, i.e. 45,000 full-time equivalent days lost

+ 1 billion paid by companies for occupational diseases and pharaonic indirect costs : absenteeism, loss of skills, litigation, etc.

What are your main challenges in preventing and correcting this burden

and improving your service commitment ?

Reduce errors

Reduce repetitive tasks

Reduce travel

Adapt to the different morphologies of users

Gaining Position

Limiting noise pollution

Limiting risk environments

Reduce absenteeism and related costs

Optimize the added value of your technicians

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Our solutions improve the comfort of your operators